Monday, November 12, 2012

Let's put sex on the table

Yesterday evening we had a much-anticipated debate at Red Cafe. There are monthly  panel-led debates but this one covered the topic of gay love; should the church embrace gay people?

The panel was chaired expertly as usual by Jon Matthews  and the three panellists were Fuzz (our morning speaker), a gay Methodist man and a conservative Anglican vicar. Rather than the usual regime of the evening, because of the sensitive nature of the subject, people were asked to write questions down and the most interesting were chosen to be answered by the panel.

I left before the end because I'd had enough. I didn't hear anything that would convince me - or change my view - either way, and there weren't any fights to spice it up!

Unfortunately Fuzz turned out to be a let-down on the panel. I realise I may be the only one who thought that as, generally, the younger people - at whom the debates are aimed really - are big fans of his. He was, as I said in my previous post, good in the morning but he was the not the right person to put on a panel. It wasn't so much that he went round the houses when answering questions, more that he went round the country. I stopped listening so whether he actually answered the questions or not I couldn't tell you.

The Anglican was a caricature of a vicar who had an unfortunate habit of saying things that made it seem that he was comparing homosexuals to Hitler, Saddam Hussain and paedophiles. 

The gay Methodist came over the best although he did at one point say it was good to put sex on the table.

The whole debate will be available online and when I find it I'll put the link in for anyone interested.

P.S. The only good thing was that Sue couldn't believe I was nearly 60!

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