Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How many days can a birthday last?

What a great birthday I had! In spite of the rotten weather that stopped us going to Rhossili.

Beginning with croissants in bed again, followed by writing for NaNoWriMo (well, mostly blogging actually), followed by the new James Bond. I took my passport to the cinema to prove my age (cheaper for 60+) but the woman at the till didn't ask ...

But I might have happened to mention to her that it was my birthday when I was buying Munchies and Ben & Jerry's maple and pecan ice cream . She put it in a tub and I said, 'Oh, no, I meant a cone, please.'
She said, 'You get a bit more in a tub.'
'Okay, I'll have a tub.'

We went early because we thought it might be crowded: there were about 14 of us there. But it was excellent. I'm not a big Bond fan, especially the later films, but I can recommend it. But I wasn't expecting that to happen in the film!

We'd planned to go to Deep Pan Pizza just next to the cinema afterwards but it had closed down so we decided to go to Mumbles. Along the main road opposite the promenade are loads of restaurants. 'That one's closed. And that one. And that one.'
'We can always have fish and chips if necessary.'
'Yes, oh no, the chip shop's closed too.'
Fortunately Castellmare was open so Husband had gnocchi and I had a delicious wild mushroom risotto. You can tell I'm 60 now because I couldn't finish it. (Nothing to do with the Munchies, ice cream and bowl of bread I ate beforehand I'm sure.)

So that was my birthday. But my celebrations don't stop there, oh no.

Tonight we're having a little celebration in Zac's. I'm taking some soup and nibbles for us to share after the bible study. Then we're off to Devon at the weekend for a celebration with all the children and grandchildren. 

If this is what it's like being 60 I can cope with this.


Don QuiScottie said...

"Beginning with croissants in bed again, followed by writing for NaNoWriMo (well, mostly blogging actually), followed by the new James Bond"

You had the new James Bond in bed? For your 60th Birthday? Well done. At your age even old Sean Connery would be impressive.

Then, in the next sentence... I see you went to the cinema. What film?

Am I misunderstanding something?

I may be, for I am almost as old as you? :)

Leslie: said...

Glad your day was wonderful. Yes, there are perks to being a "senior" (gulp!). If you want to "go" to Rhossili, just check out my blog post today - R is for Rhossili!!! Fantastic memories for me, thanks to you!

Liz said...

In my bed in my head he was James Bond, Don Q.

thanks, Leslie.

CherryPie said...

you need to spin the celebrations out all week ;-)

Anonymous said...

i enjoy your blog. i will be 65 on friday. i will have to give my husband some hints from your celebration. i have a good friend who moved from the u.s. to devon about 10 years ago.

Anna said...

He dies doesn;t he? arghhh!! Glad you had such a fab day... sounds perfect [envious]. xxx

Liz said...

I'm trying, cherrypie.

Thank you, anon. I hope your husband is good at picking up hints!

It was wonderful - and the best is yet to come, anna!