Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Can't even blame the heat of the moment

I long ago perfected the art of removing my bra without taking off any clothes. This comes in remarkably handy when - you know that moment? - you just need to be done with it and let them flop. What's unfortunate is that this feeling can strike any time, anywhere and, as a result, at this precise moment, I cannot find the bra I want.

I don't remember taking it off but as I usually leave it wherever I am at that time, you'd think the places it could be would be limited. But I've looked everywhere. (In the house that is. And as far as I can recollect I haven't begun removing it outdoors yet. Though come the day ...)

Right, let's try retracing my steps ...

P.S. Well, I wouldn't have thought of looking there. I mean, obviously I did but I wouldn't have done if I hadn't retraced my steps. Husband was hogging the computer yesterday afternoon so I went to work in the spare room on Younger Son's computer. And that's where I found my bra. The stress of writing 1,500 words must have been too much for me.


nick said...

I once had a girlfriend who had also perfected the art of bra-removing under her clothes. She had no inhibitions about doing it not just in private but in public. Even in the middle of a crowd of people.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

That is just sooooo hilarious .. I have not done that for a long long time .. you know when you want to put a swimsuit on and you don't want anyone to see..:-)

I cannot remember the last time I wanted to let them flop ..(which they don't) .. ths is super funny. xx

Liz said...

Really, nick? Well, that's something I haven't tried. Yet.

Lucky you, anne, not having floppy ones!!