Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A funny sort of week

I arrived in the office yesterday morning to find my computer not working. I began to follow some of its suggestions but then thought it might be fibbing to me so told it to try again - and it worked. So far so good

But then I had to spend 5 minutes in the Gents' watching the urinal.

My boss told me the flush was continuously flowing and to get a plumber in. I'd arranged for the plumber to come when I thought I'd better check out exactly what was wrong so I'd be able to show him but when I went into the Gents' neither urinal appeared to have a constant water flow - although I could hear water running. I wasn't entirely sure how a urinal worked and how often it was supposed to flush hence, had you come in, you'd have found me sitting and a'staring for 5 long minutes.

After flushing it continued to drip for a while but only intermittently. I'm not sure how many drips per minute constitute a constant flow but I was fairly sure this didn't. So I cancelled the plumber. No doubt when I go in on Friday the Gents' will be flooded.

I left work as normal and was about to drive away when a strange woman pulled up and gave me four bras. 'For Africa,' she said.
'Oh,' said I.

One of those days obviously.

Today I had to go into the prison for the second week of our Christmas carol service preparations.  It was brilliant last week, apart from the fact that I had 3 Scousers (Liverpudlians) who talked a lot and I needed a phrase book to understand them.

I always assume that everyone knows the Christmas story: they don't. So we went through it and then the question was asked: what do we celebrate at Easter then? So it was a fantastic opportunity to explain Christ's life and ministry in 5 minutes ...

Well, today, my Scousers were back and we made a good start - when I could keep them on the subject - but then the prison went into lock-down. They thought they might have lost someone so all the men had to go back to their cells and I was left sitting there like a box of figs at Christmas. 

I wasn't allowed out so I had to twiddle my thumbs and remember how very grateful I am that, usually, I can walk out when the session has finished.

Tonight I'm leading the bible study in Zac's because Sean's away and we're doing the bit where we're told that no-one who lives in Christ keeps on sinning. Yeah, right, that's going to be easy to explain.

My week can only get better. (Whoops, I shouldn't have said that before Zac's.)


Leslie: said...

hmmm...urinals, bras, and lockdowns...you really have had quite a week! :D

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

"Bras for Africa" .... well , it does have a ring to it . Though Brass For Africa might be better .

Gledwood said...