Friday, October 19, 2012

Things you shouldn't say in Zac's

In Zac's this week one of the 'congregation' took my hand and exclaimed  'It reminds me of an old man who used to sleep rough!'

I hope he meant because it was cold otherwise I need to invest in some serious hand-creaming time.

Over the last few weeks we've been looking at church as it was originally - and how we want Zac's to be. This week Sean commented that in some of the more traditional churches, if you arrive late, particularly if you're the worse for wear, you can be subject to dirty looks. 'We try not to do that here,' he said. 'I hope we always make people feel welcome.'

He should know better, really he should, than to say something like that in Zac's.

Just before we finished, just before the final prayer, two people, definitely the worse for something, marched in and began a loud conversation with one of the guys already there, before ordering coffee at the counter. This encouraged someone else, a first-timer, to decide to get up and ask for coffee too. 

It was almost impossible to hear Sean say, 'Could you just wait? We've nearly finished. Let's just pray ...'

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Leslie: said...

Give thanks for the coffee - otherwise, those newbies may not have even dropped in.