Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Oxford Murders

I've just finished reading The Oxford Murders and I really enjoyed it. There's a lot about maths and logic in it but I skipped those paragraphs - logic and me don't inhabit the same world. But brilliant twists so when I returned it to the library today I borrowed the dvd.

I've just looked at some reviews on Amazon (where I went to get the image) and perhaps I should have read those first. 'The most dreadful film I have ever seen.' 'Dull, dull, dull.' 

To be fair there were more slightly better than average reviews than truly bad ones. I did wonder how they could make a film of a story in which maths is discussed so frequently but tonight we'll be able to make up our own minds. 

Anything with John Hurt can't be that bad surely?

It wasn't that bad. One of the criticisms was that it jumped around a lot and I admit, if I hadn't read it, I might have been confused - but that's fairly normal for me - but Husband coped with it. I occasionally felt the script-writers must have used a different book from the one I read but the basic premise was there and the end faithful to the book.

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Furtheron said...

that great phrase... "Based on the novel by... blah blah" - normally means the exec producer read the book, bought the rights then realised it was rubbish and really wanted to make something else but couldn't explain the loss to his company so gave the script writer the briefest of explanations then introduced the "but I need tanks and explosions etc." bit into the love story based in 1950s Wales so it gets moved to 1960s Saigon and you're all totally confused...