Monday, October 29, 2012

An act of worship

As the final bit of the study we've been doing in Zac's looking at the early church last Tuesday we talked about worship. I took along a piece I wrote about 15 years ago on  the subject. At the time I was suffering with anxiety and depression where even a trip to the supermarket had become a major event for me, yet we read in Romans that the best thing we can do for God is to lay our everyday lives before him as an act of worship.

This then was my act of worship.

Got up. Made porridge and sandwiches. Dressed. Took children to school. Went to Sainsburys. Came home. Resisted temptation to leave shopping on kitchen floor and unpacked bag after bag after bag of shopping. Listened to the Archers. Walked the dog. Fetched children from school. Cooked dinner. Took son to football training. Fetched son from football training. Watched TV. Came to bed. Fell in gratefully, relieved to have got through another day. Thank God.

To read the whole piece please go here.

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