Tuesday, September 04, 2012

You wouldn't think to look at it but this box is evil

Each time I walked past it, the chocolates whispered, 'Eat me, eat me.' What could I do except give in?

Which is partly the reason I've put back on 2 of the two and a half pounds I lost over the last three weeks. Meaning I've failed miserably to reach my target of losing 4lbs by today. I also blame Father-in-law.

Before we set off for Devon last Wednesday Daughter phoned to say that Younger Son and FiancĂ©e were joining us for dinner so could we pick up something to eat on our way. Thus it was that we were in Tesco's when Husband had the call from his sister to say that the doctor had given Father-in-law just days to live.

There's something about imminent death that makes my belly devour my brain along with the words, 'Oh stuff it, life's too short to worry about a few pounds.' And so began my speedy downfall. That evening my belly belched contentedly as it munched on logic, self control and simple sense - and pasta with feta and spinach, garlic bread and sticky toffee pudding with clotted cream.

And having gone so totally to town any resolve remaining gave up the fight and said, 'Eat, eat, food will make everything all right.'

But today is a new day and I WILL be sensible.


Ole Phat Stu said...

"Would you like a pot of tea and an After Eight?" Of course you would. After all, "Teapot, Mint" is an anagram of "Temptation" ;-)

Liz said...

that explains it then. stu.