Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Oh what a day!

The day dawned bright and clear.
Groom and his Welsh-Italian best man in their Pride of Wales tartan cilts. It's unusual to have a best man in Italy.
The bridal party approaches.
The bride arrives, 'driven' by her brother, Luca.

The bride and her father. Only the groom is inside the church at this time. everyone else waits outside to greet the bride.
The bride had to try and translate what the priest said - but he kept forgetting and carried on talking so Sabina wasn't able to remember it all. Notice the veil? I wore that at my wedding and Sabina adapted it to suit her style. 
Mr & Mrs leave the church in style.

A toast to the happy couple.
A gift from the Adam, the best man, and his girlfriend, Fee.

And another gift - Italian Welsh cuff links.
Having fun with children and bubbles.
Daughter, Younger Son, Me, Husband and Elder Son - who gradually shed clothes during the day.
Bride and her flower girl.
Who me? As well as throwing her bouquet to the single women, the bride threw her garter to the single men. First throw landed at the best man's feet.

Late in the evening, bride and groom, best man and girlfriend under the bunting we made on the hen day.


MaryB said...

Fabulous! Looks like fun - which is what weddings should be. Cheers, all!

CherryPie said...

It looks like a great day was had by all :-)

Furtheron said...


Liz said...

Thanks, all. Absolutely brilliant!