Wednesday, September 05, 2012

It was supposed to be a simple shopping trip

But the word simple and me don't go together. Then again perhaps they do and that's the problem.

Started in the library. I wasn't going to get any books but if I were going to then they'd have to be paperback and light to carry in my luggage - and we all need books to read on holiday, don't we? Even when we suspect holiday with the grandbabies won't leave much time for quiet relaxation. And while I was there I had to check to see if my book was on the shelf. It wasn't, which makes it twice in a row. And I looked everywhere it could possibly be so someone must have borrowed it. Husband pointed out that I could check its availability online but that's too definite. At least this way I can imagine and hope that someone has borrowed it. 

Then the decision. Leave the car parked in the library and walk to Debenhams or take the car to Tesco's car park. Lack of time decreed the latter but then I'd have felt even guiltier about leaving the car there when not shopping in Tesco's than I already did about leaving it in the library car park. And it was only across a few roads so I walked - and then stopped and turned around and walked back. Then stopped again, dithered, then marched resolutely away. 

Daughter'd asked me to look for a little bolero for GrandDaughter to wear to the wedding. I found one and it was in the sale. Good news so far. Bad news was that not only was it in the sale but it was in the Buy Two Get Cheapest One Free section. Yes, I know you'd think that would be good news but you would not believe how long it took me to choose the 'free' item. Everything I liked wasn't available in the right size or was twice the price of the bolero. Several times I made to give up but couldn't walk away 'because it's free.'

Eventually I escaped and headed for the Clinique make-up section where I wanted advice on foundation colour. I ended up buying a full set of make-up. For the wedding. And heading off to Sainsburys looking and feeling like a lady out on the town. (Although when I finally got home Husband couldn't see any difference.)

So that was my day. Simple.


Rose said...

You and I are kindred spirits:) I'm sure you saved so much on the bolero, though, that the make-up was almost least that's the way I would justify it.

nick said...

After all that, I hope husband appreciates your big-day make-up and doesn't somehow "not notice it"....