Monday, August 20, 2012

Spot the sheep

Can you see the sheep in this photo? Black and white special effects courtesy of Husband - 'Oh, yes, I changed the camera setting to black and white for those pages I wanted to copy.'
'And you didn't think to change it back?'

Anyway Gower shone in full colour like the star it is today for the visit of my Canadian blogging friend, Leslie ( which for years I read as Leslie in a caravan) and her friends Cathy (also from Vancouver) and Jane (from Newport, Wales).

Those aren't smiles on our faces so much as grimaces as we're perched on pointy stones outside the Worm's Head Hotel where we had lunch overlooking the bay. It was the wife of the man who offered to take our group photo who noticed that it was in black and white. I blame the sunshine; I couldn't see the screen properly.
Fortunately for those times when I changed it to its scenery setting it was in colour so you can get a bit of the glory that is Rhossili.


Retired English Teacher said...

I like the black and white, and besides, the smiles are so sunny and bright, no color is needed.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

How wonderful to meet Leslie and Cathy and Jane, I will miss meeting Cathy but will be meeting Leslie next month. As usual you made me laught "Leslie in a Caravan LOL LOl

CherryPie said...

How wonderful for you all to be able to meet up like that. It is always nice to meet blog friends :-)

sally in norfolk said...

How exciting... and I get to meet leslie in a few weeks time too :-)

Rose said...

How exciting that you and Leslie were able to meet! You all look like you're having a wonderful time, in spite of the uncomfortable seats.

I think black and white photos look so artistic and classy.

katney said...

A lovely place to have taken them. I know. I hope someday I can meet Leslie in Vancouver. It's not that far from me as things go.