Saturday, August 11, 2012

Buns and brains

Reading the latest Sainsburys' magazine after lunch my attention was drawn to a 'savoury chelsea bun' by Nigel Slater and I decided to make it to have with our barbecue dinner (slimming was going well until then) (if you don't include the cornetto ice cream).
It didn't really live up to its promise. The crust was very hard and the filling sloppy. But it smelled nice! A bit like pizza without the cheese.

Is it just me or does anyone else struggle to work out which way to roll something when it says to roll it lengthways? Husband says it's all to do with spatial awareness and me, being a woman, not having any. I have to ask him when I'm trying to work out if quantity A will fit in vessel B, for example.

But if that makes me a typical woman my inability to multi-task redresses the balance. No, not redress the balance. What is the phrase I'm looking for? 

In the woods today I was telling Husband how he'd miss me if a tree suddenly fell on top of me, 'And,' I added, 'you'd also regret not having your horse poo collecting duffel bag with you in which to scoop up my splattered brains.'
'That's true,' he said. 'I could put them on ebay - brains for sale, almost unused.'

But probably not if they'd been mixed with horse poo. 


Leslie: said... and hubby make me roar! Too funny! If he's better at spatial awareness, have him tackle a job like baking! lol

btw, emailed Jane (Newport) re changing our meet-up to Monday rather than Sunday...I'm sure it'll work out. I have written your # down & have it with my list! Can hardly wait!!!!

Liz said...

Looking forward to the meeting, leslie! x

katney said...

They look really yummy. Is Leslie's trip coming soon? How fun! I remember our meet-up two years ago.