Sunday, July 01, 2012


I was touting my wares after church this morning (yes, I know Jesus rid the temple of traders ...) and one lady read the back of my book and said, 'I'll have a copy, please. I like trash to read when I'm on holiday.'

I don't think she realised what she'd said and while I acknowledge that it may be trash it's not usually the done thing to tell the author! It's a good job I'm not easily offended. If I were I would spend most of my life in a state of Offence.

Husband and I were discussing an elderly lady with dementia and I said, 'I hope I don't lose the plot.'
Husband snorted with laughter. 'You don't even know what the plot is.'

And long may that continue.


katney said...

Oh, dear!! She probably defines trash as "light reading", as it is not War and Peace or its ilk. And who would want a steady diet of War and Peace (though I do have Pride and Prejudice on my Kindle in case I run out ... well, in case...)
Maybe she reads War and Peace when she is not on holiday.

I am still waiting to find out what happens the next year.

Furtheron said...

Plot? There is a plot?

Liz said...

She is a teacher, katney, and I know what she means. It was just funny.

So they tell me, furtheron.