Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Big and bouncy

I had a go on a friend's trampoline yesterday (Husband said I had to try one to make sure I liked it before he spent lots of money). (Seriously? He thought I wouldn't like it?)

Aw, it was so bouncy!!!! It was fab!

When I came off it took about 5 minutes for my head to realise I'd stopped bouncing. I told Husband this and he said, 'And it took your boobs 10.'


After all the festivities of the weekend I weighed this morning to find I'd put back on the pound and half I lost last week. Good job I'm not going to slimming class today. And the reason I'm not is Brian.

Brian is our convertible Beetle. He only comes out in the summer and Husband hasn't been able to start him this year so this morning Brian was booked into the garage. The only problem with that being he won't start. 'I'm going to pump up his tyres and then you can come and push him,' Husband said to me.
'Just down the drive?'
'No, he probably won't start then. You'll have to push him down the drive, across the road and then down Ashleigh Road.' (The only good thing about this sentence is the word 'down'.) Husband carried on, 'Then if he's still not started we'll have to tow him back and go through it all again.'

I think Husband forgets I'm a feeble girl. 

As it happens - and fortunately because my legs were giving way - before we were halfway down Ashleigh Road Brian was rolling faster than I could run. And then he started. He really is a very lovely little Beetle.


Gledwood said...

How strange, I was thinking about Adrian Mole the other night, as I went into the supermarket at 1am for ice cream, and the magazine he found (somewhere, somehow, I don't remember) but that was called Big And Bouncy ha ha!

Gledwood said...

ps it wasn't a trampolining magazine!!

Leslie: said...

That extra pound and a half must have helped! lol

nick said...

I remember the days when I started my car with a cranking handle. Quite a bit of effort required, but still a lot less than pushing it.

Liz said...

I guessed it wasn't a trampolining mag, gledwood!

Must have done, leslie.

I remember that too, nick! My Moggy traveller.