Friday, June 15, 2012

Just can't get away from them

We popped down to Paignton to see Younger Son and Fiancée and it turned out to be the night that the bikers gather there. Must have been a couple of hundred of all shapes and sizes.


Anonymous said...


I noticed your book is priced at £3.08 in the Amazon UK store. Is it £2.99 in your KDP account? If you intend it to be listed on the store at £2.99, you need to take 9p off the price in KDP to take account of VAT. if that makes sense. :)

Stu said...

Don't see many of those Suzuki Cobras still around.
That (blue) one looks nicely restored :-)

Furtheron said...

That is a really nice old Suzuki - memories of my old teenage dreams there, I had a model of one of the, and Norton Commando which is what I really wanted... never got either!