Monday, June 11, 2012

The English stiff upper lip

Even though it was raining, as Husband had lit the chimera, he felt obliged to sit next to it - under the porch outside the back door. In his coat.

Meanwhile I was cooking Sunday dinner: sweet potato and chickpea bake.

The weather really is unbelievably bad for June. We can only hope that summer comes in July this year.

While down in Devon Younger Son is polishing up his cooking skills. For Saturday evening dinner he prepared, from scratch, olive and parmigiana bread rolls, courgette and beef burgers stuffed with mozzarella and feta, and coconut and chocolate cookies.
I'm so pleased that all three of my children love cooking.


Leslie: said...

Wow! Is he going to be home in August when I come to visit? lol

Gledwood said...

that sweet potato and chickpea bake looks really intellectual... or posh... or hearty... whatever the bloody word is, that's how it looks!!

Liz said...

'Fraid not, leslie!

It's not posh but is hearty and delicious, gledwood. And easy. And tastes even better cold.