Sunday, May 06, 2012

Launching my book

So working backwards, I've now reached Friday. Actually if you come to this blog and read in sequence from the top then it won't be backwards.

Friday not just a work day but a call into the library and drop off two copies of my book day. the librarian I'd spoken to on Tuesday said she'd be there, probably, on Friday afternoon but she wasn't; should I take that as a hint? Anyway, undeterred I left the books for her with a covering note.

As I was there I thought I might as well ask about a book launch so I did before I had time to chicken out. The Events manager was summoned and she was very enthusiastic - in spite of me sounding like a gibbering idiot when she asked me about my book. I was unprepared you see. She will write out to the branch libraries and see if any would be happy to host a launch: they're a bit short-staffed currently so it might be dependent on having the workers. Apparently they've found events work best in the branch libraries rather than in the central. They had Carole Matthews, a world-renowned novelist, there last year and only about 12 people turned up. That must have been very embarrassing. I'm going to be relying on my uncle to bring at least a few of his lady friends to mine.
She asked me if I'd be confident reading and talking and, having garbled through our conversation up to that point I must have sounded like a big fat fibber when I said resoundingly, 'Yes.' I should have mentioned that I was taking the service in prison and if I can cope with that I can surely cope with a book launch. (I say that now from a distance; when the time comes I will be a nervous nelly.)

Anything else bookwise? Oh yes, I've received confirmation that I'm speaking - for an hour - at the Kidwell-e Festival in July. A whole hour. Unfortunately it clashes with the talk by my friend and fellow author, Ann Thomas, so we won't be able to cheer each other on. Sixty minutes. I'll be able to read the whole book in that time.

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Ann Marie said...

I was quite disappointed to find we were on at the same time - I wanted to come to your talk too. Still, see you there!