Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Goodbye Baz

Totally awesome. Words that are used frequently and often inaccurately these days (by the young at least) but yesterday lived up to them.

The hearse borrowed from Hell's Angels
The M4, back as far as you can see, filled with bikers. Outriders from different clubs went ahead and closed slip roads and junctions.
Me next to Gar's bike in jacket borrowed from Husband and helmet borrowed from Ric.
It was incredible and an honour to be part of Baz's funeral cort├Ęge.


katney said...

Wow!! Such an outpouring shows how loved he has been. I know you will miss him.

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Anne in Oxfordshire said...

A much loved man was Baz. Lots of love and respect for him by everyone who travelled from near and far.

sally in norfolk said...

totally amazing to see so many at his funeral ..a day no one will forget for sure

Furtheron said...

What a man to have had that many people there to remember him... your were honoured indeed to be there.

PS my wife thinks your character in the book displays too many things too close to her (esp relationship with mothers) and I think is scouring my blog to see if you got it from me!

jams o donnell said...

He certainly had a good send off Liz

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

You all did him proud.

Leslie: said...

So glad all went well for his sendoff.

By the way, the sleepy bird is a snowy owl - they come down from the Arctic and hang around here while they hatch their chicks.