Saturday, May 19, 2012

Disappointed of Mumbles

We went out for dinner last night after I'd decided life's too short to not enjoy yourself. We went to a seafood restaurant in Mumbles and, looking through the menu, I couldn't help but notice the Desserts page and the first item on it which was home-made vanilla panna cotta and hardened caramel. 'I'm having that!'

For starters I had sardines and they were fine and I followed that with sea bass on a bed of lemon and saffron risotto. Well, the fish was good but the risotto was tasteless and the vegetables weren't very hot. In fact the meal was so disappointing that I couldn't even be bothered to have pudding! That's how disappointed I was.

So I was thinking about restaurants and how, unless you go to a really good one, you don't often get much better than you can at home: we'd had lovely sea bass and roast vegetables earlier in the week. And this seafood restaurant wasn't cheap, definitely too expensive for what you got. And that maybe you're better off going to a pizza or curry place where you know what to expect, you get plenty, it's reasonably priced and the standard is good for what it is.

With that in mind I resolved to be more creative with my cooking and sat down with some magazines - before I went shopping, the crucial word being before - and planned some meals and bought for them accordingly. So tonight we had spicy beef, shitake and aubergine stir fry - and very lovely it was. Not very spicy but certainly a 'we can have that again' meal. It even looked like the picture in the BBC Good Food magazine!
And now I have to go and make custard to go with the rhubarb crumble that Husband said we had to have as:
a) we have lots of rhubarb;
b) we have lots of milk.


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I read a restaurant review yesterday that found the decor stunningly attractive , the waiters untrained but cheery .... and the food blah .
It ended , "If you go , ask for a table overlooking the harbour ".
But , oddly enough , I won't be going .

Liz said...

I should think not, sonata.