Friday, March 09, 2012

Pride comes before a fall

The pride
I put Moroccan lamb on to slow cook before I went to work this morning. I was so impressed with myself: it's perhaps the third time in my life I've managed to be so organised.

The fall
I'm sitting in work wondering why it smells like a casbah, then I realise it's me. (Although I don't know what a casbah smells like, the smell is as I imagine it would be.)
I touch my lip and suddenly I'm on fire, the result of cutting up chillies and not washing my hands eight times afterwards.


Trubes said...

Chillies can be even more potent if you rub your eyes after chopping them, I was almost blind in one eye, after doing such. I had to go to the eye hospital for an eye bath to sort it! After that, I always use flimsy rubber gloves when chopping the little blighters!

Liz said...

They are lethal little things, trubes.