Thursday, March 29, 2012

Piemonte, a region of contrast

Piemonte in northern Italy is an area of great contrasts. Where we stayed it was flat as can be as you can see in this image looking east from Saluzzo. 

Cross the small town and look west and the Alps suddenly spring up out from the flat plain.

A little further to the east is the hilly vine-growing region of Barolo - that's the tiny town you can see between the hills beyond the farmhouse - or should that be vineyard-house? 

The vines were only recognisable because we knew they were vines, if you see what I mean. When we go back in autumn this area will be brought alive by the wonderful shades of the ripened grapes. And the scent of black truffles will be in the air.


katney said...

Oh, my! It looks like my Yakima Valley.

Liz said...

It was very beautiful, katney, and will be even more so in autumn.