Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lulu, oh, Lulu!

I am having a very trying afternoon.

I started to work again on my novel-in-paperback through It all seems very straightforward - until you try to do it.

First there's the cover. In my preview it appears fine; in the print-ready version it's lost a bit of a photo.
Then there's the body of the text. At my seventh attempt I've created a PDF file that looks absolutely right, but when I upload it, tell Lulu to make a print-ready version and download it to check, one page of text has been blanked out and, to make it worse, the page replaced by a larger sheet of paper. 
This has happened three times after each time I've tried re-uploading: once to page 18, then to page 6 and latterly to page 150. It's beyond me. It's okay as far as I can tell when it leaves me; it doesn't allow me to check the uploaded version, just gives me the option of downloading again. So something's going wrong either in the upload or download. (I should be an IT expert with that sort of intuition - in fact what would an IT expert say? Turn the computer off and start again?)

Or maybe there's nothing actually wrong: it just ... seems like it. It's an optical illusion brought about by sitting and staring at a screen for too long. 


Suburbia said...

Gosh Liz, I'd have thrown it out of the window by now!!

Good luck

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

It does sound complicated. Good luck! x