Friday, March 02, 2012

Learn from my mistakes

Had a very speedy response from Kidwell-e expressing possible interest and have replied offering to do either a reading or give a talk. I suggested the talk could be entitled 'Learn from my mistakes (when self-publishing an ebook)'. 

I'm not sure if they're having authors just doing readings, which I would prefer, hence my rather rash offer to do a talk. But, hey, the festival isn't until July so there's no need to panic yet. I can be calmly confident until I have to think about what I've committed to. Assuming they want me of course. And who wouldn't? (See, I'm on an upbeat day today!)

But I'm sure I'll have plenty of mistakes to talk about ...

I've now emailed the Roy Noble Show on BBC Radio Wales. They have a regular section on books by Welsh or Wales-based authors so I've asked if I can be interviewed or my book can be read. It's so easy to offer to do these things by email! It's when they come back and say come and talk on air tomorrow to hundreds of people that I'll throw the wobbly. 

And they will. Maybe. I'm emailing our local radio station too. I've been on one of the shows there before when I read the prisoners' psalm so I'll contact that presenter. He does an early morning show every weekday. I could offer to give a book prize maybe. 

I need to investigate print on demand some more too. So much to do, so little time!

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James Higham said...

Give a talk - more exciting for you.