Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's on its way

My book is currently, even as I type, being uploaded to Lulu in preparation for the paperback version. I explored other methods of printing including Troubador, which was recommended. It appeared to offer a very good service and I'm sure the quality would be excellent - and better than Lulu - but the books would have ended up costing £10 just to print and I don't think many people will buy a paperback at £10+.
While I'm not looking to make money from my book - I just want to get it out there and being read - I do want to make it accessible at least cost to me!

The other main option I looked at was Createspace, which is Amazon's print version, but as I think I explained before, as far as I could tell, books were printed in America - adding to costs - and there was an enormously complicated tax form to complete. 

Okay, it's uploaded and now it's telling me to download and review ... I guess it knows what it's doing. Yip, it looks much the same as it did when I uploaded it. Whoops, except it finished at page 62 instead of 245.

Second attempt: only as far as page 60. Strange because it says it's uploaded all the pages and there's nothing to indicate that you're only going to see a sample. Never mind, I'll carry on for now with the cover.

Slightly distracted having had an email from the Kidwell-e Festival checking I'm still available and suggesting a reading from my novel rather than a talk, which suits me fine!

Got to go ice a cake now ...


Dragonstar said...

Fingers crossed for you love. I'd have got back to you sooner, but I've had a rotten bout of bronchitis. Even had to stop reading for a couple of days as laughing brought on coughing fits! I love your book!

Liz said...

Oh thank you, dragonstar! I hope you're fully better soon.

James Higham said...

The cost of books have put them right out of my range now but good luck, Liz.

NitWit1 said...

Certainly publishing may be harder than writing! Good Look. I agree the tax code here is intimidating even to us natives.

Leslie: said...

I sure hope it all works out for you, Liz.