Thursday, March 01, 2012

Books wot I have written

Ann and I were agreeing how hard it is to 'big yourself up'. I can read a bit of my book one day and think, 'This is good'; I can read it again the next day and decide, 'This is rubbish! How can I think of putting this out there for others to read? What will they think of me?!'
So to encourage and remind myself that I can write even when I doubt it I thought I'd post a photo of 'my books'. Not entirely my books - except for Dear God - but my name is on or in them.
Starting at the left, Mama's Baby (Papa's Maybe) and The Woman Who Loved Cucumbers are both collections of short stories by Welsh writers (or writers who live in Wales) and I've a story in each.
The two in the middle are all my own work even though A Cop for Christ suggests Mike DiSanza is the author. (It's his story but I ghost-wrote it.) (And I notice now available in kindle format.)
The two on the right, Generation Gap and Zero In, I wrote jointly with Daughter. 

None of this means that my new novel, This Time Next Year, is any good of course! 


Furtheron said...

Just put the disclaimer all banks seem to be able to brush you off with....

"Past performance is no assurance of future performance" :-)

The woman who loved cucumbers... now I'm hoping that is a culinary tale ...

CherryPie said...

I don't have enough words in me to write a book. I am impressed :-)