Thursday, January 26, 2012

Your opinions, please

Number 1: For some reason transferring it between programs made some of the bits move off the picture. Must be shy. Anyway that's the one I was working on yesterday and you get the general idea. I think it's too 'small' now.

Number 2: I wanted a different colour background but gave up after all my efforts failed. 

Number 3: Elder Son's first effort for me. He threw it together in a spare moment before I told him I'd finally settled on a different title. It looks more professional and good as a thumbnail but is it too obviously girly? Although I imagine my audience will be mainly female.


Ole Phat Stu said...

Remember that some eReaders only have a B&W screen, so avoid subtle use of colour and check what it will look like in B&W.

katney said...

I like the top one. Actually I like elder son's version, but it works with the old title and I don't think it works quite so much with the the new one. But keeping in mind what Stu mentioned, the middle one would be best for that purpose.

Anna said...

number 3! looks most like what it is... and yes, lady readers.

NitWit1 said...

I vote for #1. If you are going for e-readers, most don't show a cover anyway. I have a Kindle which is only B&W. Even though I am a "color" person when it comes to photography, reading seems to have a different effect on me.

Best of luck and keep us all posted. I am a little behind in posting and reading.

DeeJay said...

I have personally never been influenced by the cover of any of my Kindle books although in paper form at the library the cover does guide me.
I like the simplicity and crispness of the daisy

Ole Phat Stu said...

The advice "Make the cover attractive" surely only applies to hard copy books and even then probably only to airport book-buyers with the attention span of an untrained house flea :-(

Any regular book-buyer surely leafs though the book, reading the last page of a random chapter and the first page of the next (continuity test & style check).

The only book I ever bought by just looking at the cover - and subsequently liked - was H.R.Giger's Necromomicon ;-)

Your time would be better invested starting a new and better book :-)

"You don't judge a book by its cover"

Furtheron said...

As Stu points out the ebook reader is black and white - well mine is - also actually I don't look at covers on that as normally it automatically opens at the contents page or the first page for prose. I presume therefore the cover is only important in the "scanning the available options in Amastonesebookstore".

I like them all - 1 and 3 I'd never buy, too "chick lit" looking - 2 maybe but the background needs to be either blue or green I'd say

nick said...

Is number 3 too obviously girly? Er, yes, totally. I prefer number 1 though couldn't say why. Perhaps because I want to look in the book to find out what the flowers are all about.