Tuesday, January 17, 2012

When you don't need a husband

Driving to town this afternoon Husband and I had a discussion about the symbol used locally on signposts to illustrate the waterfront industrial museum. Husband claimed we'd already had this conversation (we had) and that he'd said it was the letter M. I said I didn't remember him saying that but 'I might have forgotten. I forget lots of things. My memory isn't the best. Nothing about me is the best these days.'
I coughed.
'Excuse me,' I said.
'What?' said Husband.
'You're supposed to say something at this point.'
'Oh, I wasn't listening. You'd gone off one one of your rabbits.'
Undeterred I started again. 'I said that my memory isn't the best and that nothing is the best about me nowadays. You're supposed to say I have lots of best bits to which I will reply, "well, you've got to say that as you're my husband." ... And I don't really need you to take part in this conversation anyway, do I?'

That's the good thing about being married a long time. Predictability means I can have a conversation on my own.


Mike Tea said...

Its a minefield out there in marraigeland. I bought my wife an eternity ring and she complained it wasn't a mini trampolene. Pass the gin bottle and put Ella on the deck.

Liz said...

I have Ella on the deck!!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

We have lots of excellent conversations like that .... it's when we talk to each other that there's the odd hiccup .

Liz said...

that's very true, sonata. Much better when he doesn't listen to me!