Wednesday, January 04, 2012

We have a problem, Houston

Went wall-paper browsing today. First problem is that Husband doesn't like my suggestions. No, first problem is that Husband isn't listening to what I say so he says, 'Yes, that sounds nice,' then when I continue, says, 'Oh no, I don't like that.'

Next - and probably more serious  - or expensive at least - problem is that our French doors/windows are bigger than ready-made curtains go up to. Current estimate for curtains made to measure that fit (in material I want) is more than the price of a small car (even in the sale). Even in material I don't want it costs nearly that much. And suppose I had them made and didn't like them!

I knew it couldn't be as simple as it appeared yesterday.

So, thinking off the wall, do we really need curtains at that window? We don't need them for privacy but we do for cosiness and heat retention. We've had the curtains open ever since Husband set up the Christmas grotto outside. Hmm, what about draping a blanket from the curtain-rail? I think I've still got some of my granny's old war blankets ...

Alternatively shutters? Blinds? A trendy mix of two pairs of contrasting but complementing cheapo ready-mades? Paint the windows?



Neil said...

You will need curtains come the time of sunshine when it shines through the window making it impossible to see the TV due to the glare.

buy a small car and fashion curtains/blinds out of it.

Rose said...

If I left it up to my husband to make decorating decisions, we'd still be living in a decor from the '80's. Come to think of it, we are...

Curtain prices are ridiculous; I've often made curtains myself, but I probably wouldn't attempt heavy ones needed for heat retention. We had to replace our patio doors last year, and I opted for the ones with blinds between the glass, so I didn't have to worry about curtains at all.

Glad to hear you're feeling good enough to go for a walk again; I imagine George is happy, too. Love those new wellies!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I'd rather go without wallpaper than curtains .... it's the recluse in me !
Why don't you look at the local small ads or corner shop ads. board/window ? You might find a stay at home mum who'd be happy to make some curtains up for you more cheaply .

Ann Marie said...

If the doors are two wide, but a standard length, just buy two pairs of curtains. It's not even necessary to join them together as it will only show while you are drawing them.
If the doors are too high, buy standard curtains and add a contrast piece of fabric on the bottom. Don't try to match it, because it will look like you've tried to make them longer. A contrast bit looks as if it is meant to be. You can even cut the curtains about a foot from the bottom and insert the contrast piece, which looks even better.

Leslie: said...

I came on to suggest something, but Ann Marie beat me to it. I agree with her (and I have done this) to buy 2 sets and that way you have lots of fullness.