Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Daughter's due date is 4th February so we're on standby to rush off to Devon at any moment. It's a bit like living next to a volcano; you always have your bag packed just in case. (Not that Daughter looks like a volcano you understand!)

I had a frustrating shopping trip today. I went out ready to spend Husband's hard-earned money on rugs, curtain tie-backs and lamps and all I came home with was a can of paint. But Husband's now repainted the wall over the fireplace and I'm much happier. In fact you might say that we've ended up with the sludgey colours I wanted and Husband didn't want in the first place. The two walls for which I chose colours I thought Husband would like just happen to be the ones that have been changed. Ho hum.

I'm sure there were some other things I was going to mention before I move on to my next post which is the exciting one!

Oh yes, I was in a meeting this week and a role was being discussed. It happens that I'm already doing part of the role so you might have thought that people would have asked me if I wanted to take on the rest. But no. No-one even suggested me! I didn't want the job, you understand, but it would have been nice to have been noticed.

It reminded me of another meeting I went to once when suggestions were asked for. I was a newcomer to this group so still rather timid but I plucked up my courage and made my suggestion. There was a moment's silence and then the conversation continued as if I'd never spoken. I didn't say anything again for a long time.

And I found the borrowed book I knew I hadn't lost but put in a safe place. Which in this instance just happened to be under the bedside cabinet. If only I'd thought of looking there before I went out and bought a replacement copy to return.

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