Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Monday's Odd Shot (belatedly)

Am I missing something here? 

Surely a blank stencil is just a bit of uncut cardboard?
For Katney's Odd Shots.

(I'm having trouble with this new Blogger layout; if I centralise my words my picture stays left. And the words are supposed to be underneath the photo not next to it.)


Maddy said...

I'm having similar issues with my template.

CalumCarr said...


Happy New Year.

You should try Microsoft Live Writer. It imports your template settings and then you type and publish. No probs.

I've used for a long time. Is so easy.

katney said...

Are you still using the old editor? You may have better luck in placing things with the updated one. And if you do just one more line break--it may take two--the lines will at least be together and under.

And yes--a blank stencil--what's that all about?

Furtheron said...

Not it isn't a piece of card a piece of card is £0.50 a blank template is £4.50 ;-)

Re Katney - move to the new interface it is better on some of this stuff...