Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's amazing what I'll do to avoid making a phone call

I found 26 socks under Younger Son's bed, not quite beating the record of 27. Some pairs, some odd but maybe some of those will pair up with the lonely socks in my OddSox bag. I can but hope.

It wasn't so much that I went under the bed to find the socks  but rather that we took the bed out leaving the socks (and assorted debris) exposed. Just call me Mrs Shifta, beds, chest of drawers moved. It's a good job I'm a big strong girl the things Husband tells me to 'just lift up over the desk'.

Younger Son's room is next on Husband's decorating list. We're converting it into a grandchildren bedroom. What fun!

Talking of socks, I've been sneezing mine off with the dust in the room. Husband tells me I should be sneezing out through my nose to clear it and when I asked how I was supposed to do that he told me to keep my mouth shut. Well, I tried but my head nearly burst.


jams o donnell said...

I wonder if that's where my socks have ended up!

nick said...

So what was the phone call you wanted to avoid making?

Liz said...

Could be, jams. I often find myself washing something and thinking, 'I've never seen this before!'