Sunday, January 01, 2012

Feeling ill?

How do you like these wedding cakes? Quite unusual I think!

Sadly we had to leave the wedding party early as I had a splitting headache that carried on through the night. Last time I had a bladder infection, at the beginning of December, it was followed by the strange not-quite-flu-type illness that laid me up for a few days. At the time I wondered if it might be a reaction to the tablets and I'm wondering again today. 

At about 3 this morning I had every fatal illness known to Man so in the cold light of day I checked the possible side effects listed in the tablet package. They included aseptic meningitis the symptoms of which are: headache (check), fever (well, I was very hot last night), blah blah (didn't have those), and 'feeling ill'. Feeling ill?! What kind of symptom is that? Surely it's because you're feeling ill that you take the tablets? How do you know if you're feeling ill because you're ill or because of the tablets you're taking to stop you feeling ill?

Anyway I felt a bit better this morning so I took another tablet. If I get a repeat of the stinky headache I'll stop and go back to the doctor. 

But a word of advice: if you're thinking of putting a bag of frozen veg on your forehead to ease the pain, make sure it's an unopened pack. I'll be picking green beans and sweet corn out of the back of the sofa for months. Unless George ferrets them out first.


Dee said...

I love those wedding cakes. They are different but sometimes different is good. I'm glad you're feeling better and Happy New Year from the other side of the world.

CherryPie said...

I hope you feel better soon.

Dr. Stu said...

We're all just getting old Liz.

Apropos us getting old, how about using a larger typeface in your blog?

Leslie: said...

Oh can make anything seem funny, even illness. Seriously, though, I do hope you're feeling better. I woke up with a terrific headache and sore throat this morning, (and I wasn't even drinking last night) but I'm hoping it's just fatigue and too much laughing and talking. I'm on my way for some coffe and pills right now. Take care, my friend. :D

CarterKelly said...

Re the larger typeface: wot Dr Stu said!!

jams o donnell said...

Here's to a very happy new year, Liz!

Mauigirl said...

Happy New Year, Liz, hope it is a good one for you and yours! I've been missing the blog world so am going to try to be around a lot more in 2012. Stopping in just to say hi for now!

Liz said...

Happy New year to you too, dee!

Thanks, cherrypie.

Dt stu & Carterkelly: I don't know how to increase font size. Sometimes it seems bigger and then comes out smaller and vice versa. Can you not just make the page bigger at your end?

You too, leslie!

Happy new year to you too, jams and mauigirl.