Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Cars, cardis and can't think of anything else

You know that moment when you return to the car park and the car's not where you left it and the bottom drops out of your stomach and you go all cold? Well, that happened to me this morning when I couldn't find Minni.

Then I spotted the familiar white bonnet of Alfie Porsche and was able to heave my stomach back up. Stupidity has a lot to answer for.

And the people who designed car parking 'put the ticket in the slot as you leave' machines also have much to be embarrassed about. Would it be so hard to make the slot stick out a little bit so the driver didn't have to open her door, undo her seat belt, perch on the edge of the seat and then panic in case she didn't get under the barrier in time?

And what exactly is a boyfriend cardigan?

The answer is irrelevant now as I didn't buy one; I bought a proper sloppy dark blue 'presumably for girls' one. Then got outside and saw everyone wearing cream cardis and wondered if that was what I should have got. Then remembered this is me we're talking about. I can get clothes dirty just putting them on. My wardrobe is mostly dark for just that reason.

After hairdresser it was to the library I ventured to return cds. One hadn't been in its box when we'd got home so the librarian said I could have my £1 hire fee back.
'Oooh, thank you,' I said, then I remembered. 'Actually it was Husband who took it out and he's over 60 so only paid 60p.' How honest am I?!! The librarian was quite surprised too.

Got home to the sound of the phone ringing. I ran to answer it and it was Ebay. 'If you are expecting this call press 2.'
I waited to see what I was supposed to do if I wasn't expecting the call but they didn't tell me so I used my initiative (!) and hung up. I don't think I was expecting a phone call from ebay ...

Next up was an email from an unpronounceably named woman (or possibly man). 'We want your opinions on the golf course. Please complete this survey.'

Honestly if you're going to scam people at least put some effort in. I suppose if they sent that out to thousands of people there will be some golfers among them and some of those will be stupid enough to reply.

And finally, and totally unrelated to my trip to town and arrival home, Husband has just finished changing some locks and fitting others in order to be eligible for cheaper house insurance. One of the new locks he's put in is unbelievably noisy.

I know you're going to say, 'How can a lock be noisy?' I know; at first I thought it was the draught excluder but by moving up ear up and down the door I've been able to trace the noise quite definitely to the lock. You'll have to take my word for it. I thought we must be in the midst of a storm outside.

Going to walk George in the rain now.

P.S. I've just re-read this post: am I turning into a grumpy old woman?


DeeJay said...

Yes but we still love to read your blog! My biggest gripe with the car park ticket machines is the number of times you find them at an angle to the exit rather than parallel to it.
What key does the lock make a noise in? Sorry just couldn't resist that one.

katney said...

And then there are the carparks (parking lots they are called here) where you park, then you have to go across the lot to get your ticket from the machine, then take the ticket and put it back on the dash, and the place you are going is over past the machine anyway and besides, the parking is free for the time you will be there, you just have to have the ticket or get ticketed.

And no, I don't think you are grumpy and if you are old then I am really old since I have about ten years on you so you can't possibly be a grumpy old woman at all. We have to get it out sometimes and thanks for the opportunity.

(A friend much younger than me said a trick or treater the other night picked up a dropped candy and returned it to her basket. She thanked him for not being greedy and taking it for himself. He said "My mom taught me to be kind to old people.")

Leslie: said...

Nah, it was just one of those days. :D

Liz said...

There's one way out of the car park i refuse to use I've had so many problems with it, deejay!

Did your friend take back the candy she'd given him, katney?!!

It was and I didn't feel grumpy, leslie. it just came out sounding that way!