Thursday, October 13, 2011

That'll teach me

Back in 2009 I submitted the first few chapters of my second novel to Parthian Books, an independent Welsh publisher. The commissioning editor asked to see more and then requested the whole manuscript as it looked like an interesting project. I hadn't finished it at the time so couldn't comply with her request.

This last week I've been editing, tweaking and generally going through the manuscript and I emailed the editor again to remind her of the interest she'd expressed. She replied quickly.

She's about to leave the job.

Back to the drawing board, batman.

P.S. Didn't get through to the finals of the Mills & Boon competition either. That's what happens when you have a town planner for a hero.


Reader Wil said...

Such a pity that the editor is leaving. I hope you'll soon find another editor!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Never give up!

Rose said...

Don't give up, Liz! Maybe the new editor will be even more encouraging.

Meryl said...

Life is soooo like that. I am sorry, but if she was interested, there will be others! Keep doors and channels open, and hope high! Good luck.

Trubes said...

Never mind liz, maybe you should make your next hero a strapping handsome Rugby player, who just happens to play for Wales! Sorry the editor is leaving, maybe the replacement will be more interested in your efforts.
I can't wait for the game tomorrow, best get to bed early!