Wednesday, October 05, 2011

I have a ladle and I'm not afraid to use it

Sean was away last night so he asked me to lead the bible study at Zac's. To his notes about it he added the comment, 'There's nothing controversial in it.' The alarm bells should have started ringing then.

The passage was largely about healing and when I prepared for it I got quite excited because of the radicalness of the healing that Jesus did. His was an holistic approach, repairing body and soul and returning people to their rightful place in society where they had dignity and honour. So many people today need that sort of healing for so many reasons. And I found out that the ancient healers put more value on the state of being of the person rather than his physical condition or ability to do something. I suppose we'd use the term quality of life these days.

Anyway there was I all enthused about it until we read the passage, which also just happened to mention casting out of demons. Now we'd looked at one instance of that the previous week with Sean and it had been fine. No questions, no discussion, no argument.

Oh, no, they were saving it all for me this week.

It was the same with circumcision. No nonsense for Sean, all the questions/double entendres for me.

Oh, yes, the title of this post. In the past when I've led the study it has on occasion become a little rowdy so I planned to take a hammer because I have a weedy squeaky voice when I try to speak loudly to maintain order. But I forgot to look for it early on and when I set off it would have meant going to the shed in the dark and wet so I improvised. And used a ladle.

I only had to use it once.


Dr Stu said...

That was because you were beinge ladle-like ;-)

Liz said...

That's me, stu.