Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Or was it Sir Lancelot Spratt?

George is the one who should be in hospital with a blockage considering what he eats. I've just done poo clearing and in the last couple of days he's passed two plastic bags.

Meanwhile Husband must be getting better; he's blaming me for his problems now. 'You shouldn't feed me so much.'
'You don't have to eat it.'
'I do if you give it to me.'

And, of course, he has to eat all the left-overs and the snacks and the nuts during rugby games and ...

(He was looking much better this afternoon although he's not had any solid food yet and that will be the test.)

I went to the hospital shop to get him a drink and I was scampering down the corridor when Hattie Jacques' Matron's voice shouted in my head, 'No running in corridors, nurse!' It's a bit much when you're told off by a Carry On character.

Needless to say I stopped running.


katney said...

Glad he is so far on the mend.

Leslie: said...

I just got caught up on husband's malady! So sorry he's unwell, but fingers crossed he won't need that surgery!