Monday, September 12, 2011

The moment when I seriously thought I could be losing my mind

I had a birthday card to post today so, when I was on my way to work and I spotted a postman collecting letters from the postbox, I stopped the car and got out. As I was crossing the road to take my letter to the box he locked it and began to walk away. At that point what I should have done is said, 'Excuse me!'

What I did was squeak. My panicky 'eueuh, eeuh, oeoh,' squeak.

It worked though. He stopped and took my card. I just left feeling a bit silly.

Anyway I got to work and was in need of a cup of tea so put the kettle on, got the teapot and the teabag ready, found a mug I liked (I'm very particular about the shape of the mug I use), went to the fridge to get the milk to discover - shock horror - there was none there.

I couldn't believe it: there is always milk in work left over from the Sunday morning. I opened the fridge several times just to make sure I hadn't missed it but it definitely wasn't there. I sighed and poured myself some squash.

Later on I had to begin battling with the website and I really couldn't do that without tea so I popped to the shop. I was only gone five minutes and when I got back I put some milk in my cup and then took the carton to the fridge, opened it and - found a carton already in there!

There were no cars in the car park but I crept into the hall and looked around. There was no obvious sign or sound of anyone. I returned to the fridge and looked again: definitely two cartons there.

And this was the moment when I seriously wondered if I might be losing my mind.


Leslie: said...

A miracle! A miracle!


By the way, is "squash" a soda type of drink? I'm assuming you didn't "pour" yourself a glass of a vegetable. har har

katney said...

Leslie, I think squash is link Orange Crush--if they have Orange Crush in Canada.

My son opened the drawer that Benjie's DVDs are kept in and found the on they had had to pay for at the library. Hadn't been there before. Nope. Definitely not.

Liz said...

Yes, it's as Katney says, leslie, a fruity drink that you add water to.

The fairies have a lot to answer for, katney.

Furtheron said...

We had problems asking for "squash" in the USA as a drink - didn't compute... and the lemonade my wife ordered was odd - esp as she failed to hear properly the "pink?" question - so the flat pink liquid delivered wasn't expected - although she did like it.... anyway back to the plot.

See where I live if you leave premises like that it'll be torched to the ground in minutes (I only semi joke, another traffic nightmare yesterday with a major fire in one of the local town centres) in Wales someone sneaks in to leave you milk... Need some lessons in urban disturbance tactics I think your local hoodies. :-)

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

The milk fairy .

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