Saturday, September 17, 2011

Me, Pink Floyd and a hospital waiting room

It all began at about 9.15 last night when Husband suddenly groaned, 'Oh, my stomach.'

I'll fast forward through the 'excruciating pain' and the trip across Swansea to Morriston Hospital where Husband is 'sicker than I've ever been in my life before' to getting back to bed at 3.30 am, being unable to sleep and composing blog posts in my head.

Who, I wonder, made the decision to play Pink Floyd music videos on the television in the hospital waiting room? If I'd been feeling ill before I'd have been positively suicidal after sitting there for an hour.

Maybe it was a tactical decision, a way of reducing hospital waiting lists (Yes, I know this isn't the waiting they mean when they say that): nobody who's not seriously ill will stay here out of choice. I never liked Pink Floyd when I was young; I certainly don't like them now.

Husband is feeling a bit better but washed out this morning. I remarked that it was similar to the stress-related stomach bouts I used to have in my teens and twenties.
'Oh no, it was much worse than that!'
'Of course it was, dear.'

But Husband has been worrying a lot about Younger Son and Fiancée and how they'll cope financially. I'm a romantic; I say, 'They're young, poor and in love; they'll manage.' Husband is much more pragmatic.

Right now I'm too busy worrying about Wales playing Samoa tomorrow morning, a game they have to win to maintain any realistic hope of getting through the World Cup qualifiers.


CherryPie said...

I hope he is feeling better soon.

seo help said...

Oh! its very bed .
I pray to good he will be fine and continue enjoy his life...and thank for shearing problem ...The hospital management is responsible for making silence in hospital and waiting room..

nick said...

'They're young, poor and in love; they'll manage.' And you're probably right.

Stress causes all sorts of bizarre physical symptoms that can seem alarmingly like terminal illnesses until they fade away as rapidly as they appeared.

Leslie: said...

How about "psychosomatic"? Can you spell that, Liz? LOL However, giggling aside, stress can cause serious pain and in hubby's case it's just as real as anything else. I've had stomache trouble in the past due to stress and I get doubled up in pain. Lying down with a hot water bottle usually helps, so if it happens again, have him give it a try.

Of course there's always drugs! lol

Furtheron said...

Hope he is better soon

katney said...

Rest assured that the prayers are coming for his speedy recovery.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Poor man .
Everything seems fatal at night and he could probably see it all already .... wife and children , draped in black crepe , following his coffin through the streets ....
Glad he's feeling a lot better . Stomach ache , whatever the reason is awful ! said...

Gosh, there's a great deal of useful material above!