Wednesday, September 14, 2011

If you can't trust a horse whom can you trust?

George is a wimp.

Today we followed a path we used to use regularly but haven't been on for ages. George normally bounces ahead but on paths that are unfamiliar or a little overgrown he hangs back and does his 'I'll watch your back' trick, which doesn't fool me: I know he'd just rather it was me that gets eaten by the gruffalo and not him.

At the top of the hill having safely manoeuvred past potential monsters including a feeding trough and a log - walks for George are full of hazards - we stopped to talk to some horses. I said to one, 'You're a fatty; are you pregnant?' She nodded. Then I said, 'This one's a handsome fellow; is he the daddy?' And she nodded again.

But when we walked on a little I discovered that she was lying to me! She wasn't a pregnant mare, just a fat boy.

At least I think she was. She/he had a flappy bit, which could have been indicative of you know, something.

My education is sadly lacking. I wonder if I should do an animal husbandry course. Or perhaps there's a gender identification course, which would be all I'd need.

Now I'd better get the potato from the top of the gate post.


Reader Wil said...

Why a potato on the gate? Nice story!
You said that your Independence Day is in March. Is Wales independent of England? But it is part of the UK, isn't it? And part of Great Britain?Does it have its own parliament?

Liz said...

Lots of questions, Wil! No, Wales isn't fully independent of England. We have our own National Assembly that has a lot of powers but we're still governed by the MPs in parliament in England for some stuff.
March 1st is our Saint David's day and the day on which we celebrate Wales and Welshness!

Leslie: said...

You do make me laugh, Liz!