Saturday, September 24, 2011

I love technology

Nine o'clock and I'm on my third pot of tea of the morning.

Husband had his operation yesterday morning. A big incision running down his abdomen and a chunk of intestine removed, but it appears that nothing nasty or suspicious was found. When I saw him last night his eyesight was blurry; the young doctor seemed to think it was a side effect of the anaesthetic, so, hopefully, it will quickly right itself. The doctor also said that he could hear a heart murmur. But he was quite young and nervous-looking so, again hopefully, if there was one it will right itself soon.

Husband was still a little groggy and high on morphine but he managed to tell me what changes I had to make to his Fantasy rugby team before this morning's games. And give me strict instructions to make sure I recorded the England game.

So, wouldn't you know it, last night was the night the digibox decided not to work. Elder Son suggested switching it off and on again, which I did. Several times. It stuttered into life but still wouldn't let me set it to record.

Thus I was up at 6 this morning to manually set it, and hence my three pots of tea.

Such love. It's a good job I have these lovely sunny sunflowers - a gift from Sean and Jayne - to cheer me up. They also gave me a large bar of chocolate - that I ate last night. All of it. And delicious it was too.


CherryPie said...

I hope he recovers quickly and gets back to normal soon.

Those are very pretty flowers.

Shawn said...

Keeping up with the rugby games sounds like a good sign. All the best to you and your husband:)

katney said...

He's concentrating on the things that matter.

I don't know if maybe it is a whole different kind of medical situation being the spouse of the one who is ill. I've been experiencing that the last few months. In my case the benefit has been that the new car has essentially become mine since we got it shortly before he went to the hospital, and then he essentially didn't drive for a couple of months. Now, anytime we go anywhere--even just to church or something--he doesn't dare head to the driver's side.

katney said...

Why did I use "essentially" twice in that comment? If I had been grading the paper I would have marked off for redundancy.