Thursday, September 29, 2011

The end of the world

Outnumbered is one of the few television programmes we watch and it's usually on on a Friday evening. This week it's on tonight. I said to Husband, 'Why is it on tonight? Is it the end of the world tomorrow and no-one's told me?'
'No, that's not until 20th December, 2012,' he said.
'What?! How do you know?'
'It says in Wikipedia and, more importantly, Dan Brown says so.'
'And his credibility rating after The Da Vinci Code is sky-high so it must be true!'

But I can't allow it to happen and for a very good reason.

My friend, Carol, who reads this blog, was born the same year as me but not until late in December. If the world ends on 20th December, 2012, we shall go through eternity with her as 59 and me as 60. I cannot have that. Who do I have to apply to to have it changed?

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