Monday, September 19, 2011

The cheeky magpie not to mention the dog

This bird and his friends try to steal George's food when we scatter it all over the courtyard (as suggested by George's therapist). And poor George is so busy looking for the food morsels that he doesn't notice the thieving magpies. Now wonder he's tried to escape three times in the last four days.

I say 'tried' when actually I mean he's escaped. Husband found his escape route and blocked it. Not to be deterred George dug a hole in the fence. That's blocked up now but still he managed to escape yesterday. We haven't found that hole yet.

He hasn't had this wanderlust for ages and he can rid himself of it again as soon as he likes. I'm fed up of walking the streets calling him. Everyone in the neighbourhood knows his name. I find myself sneaking around the garden after him when he goes out to wee, and hiding behind bushes, hoping I can catch him in the act of escaping.

It's quite strange because we originally saw the therapist because he didn't like going out through the front gate. Now he'll go out through any means possible.


katney said...

Our neighbors have chickens which come over to our house to eat the cat food.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Can you sue a therapist for being too succesful ?