Monday, August 08, 2011

The trouble with barbecues ...

is the left-over food.

Not that there was much but Husband still managed to have cream sponge for breakfast, scone and jam and cream for mid-morning snack and scones and cream and raspberries for lunch.

And he wonders why he has indigestion.

He said he's not going to eat any more scones or cream today; I think by this evening he'll have forgotten that resolve.

Me, of course, I'm a model of restraint. I only just had my first cream scone and it's late afternoon.

Well, my theory is that they've got to be eaten and once they've gone they've gone and I'll stop thinking about them.

But you'd have been proud of me yesterday.

I made trifles on Saturday and there were some three left-over sponge fingers still lying about on Sunday morning. I tried to persuade Husband to eat them but he said, 'Nah, I don't like them.'
'Neither do I really but they're looking at me and I can't throw the box away until it's empty.'

So I compromised: I ate one and threw away two. Ooo, but it went against the grain throwing away food that was edible.

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