Monday, August 29, 2011

Oh, the disappointment!

I love Victoria plums. And they're one of the few fruits that are still seasonal so when I'd cleared a patch of garden we bought a Victoria plum tree.

I planted it with my own fair hands. Dug the hole, put it in and watered it, and have watched it devotedly over the last two years as it's settled in, grown and, finally, this summer produced three plums.

Earlier this month I published a photo of the first harvested plum. At the time I mentioned that it wasn't a totally authentically Victoria plum colour or taste; I now believe that's because it's not a Victoria plum.

The revelation occurred in Mumbles when the local greengrocer had two trays of plums on display side by side. One was Victoria, the other Marjorie Seedling. 'Look!' I grabbed Husband's arm. 'That's what we've got! Not Victoria after all!'

Unless you have suffered this kind of crushing disappointment you will be unable to comprehend how this has upset me. Excuse me now, I'm going to cry in a corner.


jams o donnell said...

That is a crying shame. I hope the other variety is of some comfort!

Liz said...

I suppose I will come to terms with it eventually, jams. (Big sigh)