Monday, August 15, 2011

It smells green

'There is a lovely green smell about today,' I commented to Husband as we walked in the woods yesterday.
'I'm not sure green has a smell,' he said.
'Yes it does. It smells like this. Like the woods.'
'But the woods are brown and sludgy.'
'But mostly green.'

I think his lack of appreciation was partly due to his poor sense of smell and partly to the fact that his trainers were leaking, two wet dogs kept pushing past and he was getting muddy.

But it did smell very fresh and green and lovely.


nick said...

Green definitely has a smell. Leaves and newly mown grass in particular. Brown has a smell as well.

Leslie: said...

That's men fer ya! I asked Lorne what he thought of my new family room carpet - his response, "It's brown." *sigh*

ShirleyDavisCrafts said...

Gorjuss piccy - yummy and, yes, green in nature does have its own smell"

Photo now my desktop wallpaper - that's an honour. Ta muchly.

Not sure about a word verification that asks me to type 'cowsrech' though, Liz!