Monday, July 18, 2011

Wales is not in England

I was amazed to find out the Girlfriend's Italian parents didn't realise that Wales was a country and not part of England. On the other hand, Husband wasn't surprised as he thinks that is probably a common misapprehension.

To prove his point a letter arrived in work today.
Wouldn't you think that, if you were choosing a random church to ask for money you'd at least make sure you got the country right?


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Well at least it got there :-)

The parents maybe just don't understand that we are 4 countries in Britain ( and don't forget Northern Ireland across the waters) .. .. or are we United Kingdom ...

Read this link .. no wonder people are mixed up.

Furtheron said...

so what do you mean by "country"? England and Wales have been under the same juristiction etc. i.e. laws since Henry Vii and Viii - but under the same monarchy since 1283.

So from a legal point of view there is no difference between Wales and England - unlike Scotland/Northern Ireland.

But a country as a defined cultural entity then clearly Wales is indeed separate. Funny really that England and Wales can field rugby or football teams in a world cup where are the USA only one rather than 50? Always a bit of a puzzle isn't it. :-)

Anyway back to my Freedom for Kent idea... :-)

Liz said...

Furtheron, I will support freedom for Kent if you agree that Wales is a separate country.
We have our own history, language, culture. Just because we were invaded by the English does not make us English any more than England being invaded by the French makes them French! Although Kent is very close to France ...