Saturday, July 23, 2011

If those are his doodahs where's his wotsit?

Son-in-law gets irritated when people look in his garden. I said, 'Oh dear, I always do that.'
'Yes but you don't stop and stare, do you?'
'Um ... well ... yes, I do. And sometimes I discuss its merits with George.'

Is this not acceptable behaviour? If charged I shall use the potty old woman and dog defence.

And speaking of potty dogs ...

Big White Bull was standing in the shade beneath the trees by the fence today so I decided to take a photo. This set off a chain of events.

I stopped.
George barked.
The bull jumped.
I yelped.
'George! Don't frighten the bull! There's only a thin fence between us. If he thinks he has to defend his herd it's every woman and dog for themselves!'
He is a white bull, honest, but it's a rubbish photo because a) I didn't want to push my luck by trying to get the light right, and b) my camera has a tiny scratch on the lens. It only has an effect in bright light then I get this white blurry bit in the middle of my photos. I shall have to put 'camera' on my Christmas list.

Without wanting to sound too naive I was a bit puzzled by the dangly bit between his legs. I think it was his doodahs but if that's the case where was his wotsit? I shall have to ask Husband; he knows about bulls.


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I stop and look in peoples gardens too ... especially if it is lovely and has a lot of lovely flowers etc .. :-)

Liz said...

I think it's showing appreciation, anne.

Leslie: said...

I not only stop and look at people's gardens, but actually take photos of their flowers! I figure if they come outside and ask what I'm doing, I'll just go gaga over what a beautiful garden etc. etc.

And for the whatsits and doodahs, I have NO sure to let us know! lol

Dragonstar said...

Ditto on gardens. The bull's wotsit is tastefully hidden by the fencepost ;)