Thursday, June 02, 2011

What I should have said 72 hours ago

We've had a problem with the rear-view mirror in Alfie Porsche. It fell off and it was a major job to get it stuck back on again.

So on Monday we're in Alfie and Husband says, 'Stop moving the mirror!'
'I can't see if I don't move it.'
'Use your wing mirrors.'
'I don't like the wing mirrors.'

What I should have said is: 'Actually you could just as easily be blamed for moving it back again! We could adjust the rear-view mirror to suit me and you could use the wing mirrors instead!'

Just wait until he gets back from Derby this evening ... I'll be ready with my argument.

P.S. A lot of blog posts in one day normally means I've been generally productive and efficient. But not today.


nick said...

Don't hold with rear-view mirrors myself. I don't want anyone to see my rear-view, thanks.

Liz said...

Nick, you should remember Linus who doesn't clean the back of his shoes because he doesn't care what people think of him after they've met him.