Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Post funeral

Three generations of Hinds men - plus George - on Pop's 85th birthday.It was Father-in-law's birthday on Monday, the day before Mother-in-law's funeral. He coped admirably with everything, shedding tears every now and again as to be expected, but overall much better than may have been anticipated.

The funeral went as well as funerals can with some lovely memories from two of the grandchildren. I was complimented on my prayer by the vicar who handled the service well being neither too fulsome nor evangelistic. When I'd spoken to him on the phone prior to the service I hadn't been impressed so I learned once again not to judge people. (Or rather I still haven't learned not to judge people!)

And the party, as everyone kept calling it, afterwards was a jolly affair. I left before 3, because I was driving home, when it was still in full swing and showed no signs of stopping.

Husband comes home today and it will be good to have him here after his long stay away from us. He'll have to continue to spend occasional days and nights with his father until Pop's state and situation are assessed and it's determined if he can manage on his own or if he'll come to harm. But that's a problem for another day.

P.S. If you're interested my prayer is here.


Leslie: said...

What a wonderful photo! From the smiles you'd never know they were all grieving! It's a keeper! :D Glad all went well.

Crickett said...

Sorry for the loss. Nice photo.

50 and still trying to be Frugal .... said...

We went through the same situation just over a year ago when MOH's Mum died on his birthday, leaving Dad on his own. He was assessed and made it very clear he was not leaving his home. I suppose really he should have been looked after more but he had carers coming in throughout the day and he was adamant he was not moving.
Sadly a year later, almost to the day Dad died. He had not been well for a number of years and got his wish to stay at home.
I hope your Father in Law copes OK and I wish him well.
Tell him to decide what he WANTS to do not what other people think he SHOULD do

nick said...

Absolutely right about letting him decide what he wants to do and not trying to do "what's good for him." I only hope he's resilient enough to cope with the loss and not go to pieces like many husbands do.

Dr. Stu said...

Now cuddle up with George and read Garth Stein's 'The art of racing in the rain ',

A great doggy book which should cheer you up :-)

Rose said...

What a lovely prayer, Liz--I'm sure it touched everyone; I know it teared me up just reading it.

A wonderful photo of the men in your life--and George looks as handsome as ever. I hope Father-in-law will be okay on his own, and I wish your whole family the best.

Furtheron said...

Sad loss... however a great photo - but why is George looking like he has been told to stand to attention.

Made me think he was thinking "Come on you lot, stand straight, don't smile this is a serious photo for posterity you know."

Oh dear - showing my "odd" side again aren't I....

sewa mobil said...

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Suburbia said...

That's a fantastic photo, and George looks so handsome too!

Sad that funeral and birthday was so close.

Liz said...

Yes, I'm getting copies made, leslie.

Thanks, crickett.

Sounds like a very similar situation, sue. The next few weeks will be difficult.

I don't think he'll go to pieces, nick, but he's wobbly on his feet and may fall and injure himself.

I shall look out for it, stu.

Thank you, rose.

Now I think he's looking rather superior, furtheron, as if he's a bit bored by all this photographing lark.

Thanks, sub.