Thursday, June 02, 2011

Gullible? Me? Surely not

If gullible hadn't been removed from the dictionary I would swear it was my middle name.

On Tuesday in Zac's I said to Martin, 'Who shall I ask to open with a prayer for us?'
He looked around and said, 'Ric.'

So we started, I welcomed everyone and then said, 'Would you pray for us, please, Ric?'

The look on his face and the way his jaw dropped suggested that he wasn't used to praying aloud in a group. A quick glance at Martin who was doubled up giggling confirmed this suspicion.

But Ric is a professional: he pulled himself together and prayed wonderfully.

And then things started going wrong ...

At the end Jane said she thoroughly enjoyed the evening. 'It's the most fun I've ever had at Zac's,' she said. Which was possibly because I asked Mad Dog for his opinion - Mad Dog being a fluffy dalmatian toy - which, in hindsight might not have been a wise move. Although on that occasion Mad Dog was quite sensible.

It wasn't until a bit later that Gerry (Mad Dog's owner) started grumbling about all the Poles in Llanelli. As Husband asked, 'Why? Does he keep walking into them?'

As Jane also said, 'It got a bit precarious on times but you got it back together.' And we can't have done that badly as I was asked for my theological opinion later. 'Certainly,' said I feeling, hey, I've cracked it, I'm a professional. 'What would you like to know?'
'Can a Christian be possessed by the devil?'
'Um ... er ... can I get back to you on that?'

Which reminds me: I must ask a man who knows.

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